Ford F150 Lightning Impressions: Better Than I Thought!

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Marques Brownlee

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Exclusive hands-on with the electric F150 Lightning pickup truck that Ford just unveiled! This or Cybertruck?

Cybertruck First Impressions:

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Electron Force
Electron Force Prieš 6 minučių
I mean I absolutely love it and if i had the money too I would definitely buy it but Jesus Christ those wheels are so goddamn ugly why ford why
King Flakes
King Flakes Prieš val
Marques my love 💕😍
Venator Prieš val
I'm starting to question myself if Marques has twin brothers 😂🤔 even on that Lenovo Legion phone duel 2 review there was a twin brother 👀
Mark P. Smith
Mark P. Smith Prieš 2 val
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Some Sasquatch With Dial Up
Some Sasquatch With Dial Up Prieš 2 val
230 miles of range 😂 LMFAO. Also it will not be $39,000 it will be far more expensive.
benshivd Prieš 2 val
Hope you have a good paycheck for those electric bills. Which for most EV's is substantially more than fossil powered vehicles and that doesnt even figure in the time you are sitting around waiting on charging. In lost production. Gasoline can be fueled in approx 3 minutes and gives you an almost instant average 300+ miles.
Rusty Tabby Cat
Rusty Tabby Cat Prieš 2 val
What is the color of this Lightning?
Marie Nguyen
Marie Nguyen Prieš 3 val
With everything you have said, you would think all those “truck people” would be jumping over each other to get one of these.... but only 70k reservations??!! I still would be for the Cybertruck because Tesla thought about the charging infrastructure and invested in that and will continue to. Also I don’t have confidence in Ford’s ability to deliver software enhancements. Only Tesla thought about “dog mode” which may not mean a lot to you if you don’t own a pet....but it was big for me. Glad to see more EVs. I just don’t foresee companies like Ford changing their way of thinking drastically enough for me to all of a sudden be a fan. I did find your review super informative especially the Range rating with 1000lb. Load.
mmaserg Prieš 3 val
Just waiting for Toyota to come out with an electric truck without issues that will outlast me
Ruthless 12 street
Ruthless 12 street Prieš 4 val
Batteries are only for vibraters
Ruthless 12 street
Ruthless 12 street Prieš 4 val
Did he mention the warning sticker next to the tow hitch “keep away from boat launch areas”
Soham Deo
Soham Deo Prieš 4 val
As for in cabin functionality do check the ram 1500 series
Julio Falcon
Julio Falcon Prieš 5 val
If I ever move to Texas this might be something to consider due to cold and hot blackouts lmao
Randy CNY
Randy CNY Prieš 5 val
F150. The Section 179 break is still there, probably some others too because it's electric.
Steve McC
Steve McC Prieš 6 val
F150 baby
Mike Davila
Mike Davila Prieš 6 val
I believe this truck is going to charge up the EV market. Now upgrade your charging at home with Wallbox and your community with ChargePoint.
Deezy Yayo
Deezy Yayo Prieš 6 val
I despise Ford but they fkn snapped with this one 🔥
asioe kiou
asioe kiou Prieš 8 val
But will the windows break if I throw a steel ball at them?
L B Little
L B Little Prieš 9 val
Important question--HOW MUCH?!!
Manuel Borrego Jr.
Manuel Borrego Jr. Prieš 9 val
3:26 Platinum is the highest trim level Raptor and Limited people seething.
dat boy prim
dat boy prim Prieš 9 val
They shouldn’t have called it the lightning. There’s already an old version called the lightning and now they’ve ruined it
Bowl Of Carrots
Bowl Of Carrots Prieš 9 val
I didn’t want the ford lightning but now that I see the points you’ve made in the video I will talk it over with the wife thanks for making this insightful video marques
asioe kiou
asioe kiou Prieš 8 val
the not too distant future. Again, nice job on the video. It was well written/produced and held my normally short attention span for the duration. :-)
Luke Gilson
Luke Gilson Prieš 10 val
Something needs to be done about this ugly wheel trend on trucks
Dave Wright
Dave Wright Prieš 10 val
That gear shifter is the dumbest thing on the whole truck. Wasted space with something completely unnecessary. Just put small buttons somewhere.
E Jude
E Jude Prieš 10 val
I already made a reservation a month ago. I am ready to trade my 2019 Ram 1500 Laramie that gets me 12-13 mpg, and with the cost of gas right now it's about $80-$85 to fill up my tank. I am going electric. Can't wait to get my Lightning next year!
Jon Poler
Jon Poler Prieš 11 val
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Kris Weatherbee
Kris Weatherbee Prieš 13 val
The Dragon Slayer
The Dragon Slayer Prieš 13 val
This guy is a Moron! Imagine putting your kids into this body on frame vs. a Tesla exoskeleton? Any engineer will tell you that an exoskeleton is 10 times safer than a body on frame. This guy is a paid schill. Never put your kids in this dangerous truck. Also, if your a real American 🇺🇸 you’ll buy a Tesla because 78% of the parts are made in America vs the Ford 67% parts made in China and Mexico. Yeah! Be a fake American 🇺🇸 and buy a Fake Ford.
p c
p c Prieš 14 val
I don't see boomers buying this and we all know they are the ones who buy f150s
Joshua Franklin
Joshua Franklin Prieš 14 val
F-150 Lightning would be my pick for sure. The Cybertruck looks like a sharpened door stop...ugly as sin.
Jim Prieš 14 val
What does it cost to have a new battery installed and how often is that needed?
Mace Prieš 14 val
i think the tesla branding is more of a status symbol but for the working class this f150 will change how every day working people see EVs. I think this will do better than the cybertruck in the long run.
NLE NutriBullet
NLE NutriBullet Prieš 15 val
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Ezequiel Freddy
Ezequiel Freddy Prieš 15 val
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Waxmaster Prieš 15 val
3:55 , Nice!!
Robert Kyhn
Robert Kyhn Prieš 16 val
Great video Marques!, I have a CyberTruck reservation but due to delays in production and frankly, not liking the dimensions and weird look of the Cybertruck I changed my mind. I'm leasing a Tesla Model Y for daily driving and with a hitch mount for taking our ebikes on road trips like the one I'm on at this very moment. I did a 3 year lease feeling that the Tesla Model Y represents the best value for a versatile/fun/fast electric vehicle, but I fully I expect that my vehicle purchase options three years from now will be much broader. Your review of the upcoming Lightening gives me hope that I will be able to purchase great value, feature rich transportation from American companies like Tesla, Ford and GM in the not too distant future. Again, nice job on the video. It was well written/produced and held my normally short attention span for the duration. :-)
Josh Sosbee
Josh Sosbee Prieš 17 val
I’m gonna I’ve to go Ford. Cheaper, better looking, more functional (at least to me) and will probably be easier to maintain being a Ford.
Javier Prieš 18 val
Ford knows the Blackberry effect all to well… I don’t like trucks, but this one is worth considering
Suraj Pandiyan
Suraj Pandiyan Prieš 18 val
This video exists:..... MKBHD every 5 minutes: I'm not a truck person but............
Tyler Sinclair
Tyler Sinclair Prieš 18 val
f150 lightning. It looks like an actual truck not a kids toy on steroids.
Doug Moore
Doug Moore Prieš 19 val
No question, have had gas Ford trucks, they were great, but what described is much more useful.
ammy Wong
ammy Wong Prieš dieną
Dry design
seeni gzty
seeni gzty Prieš dieną
How much is going to be my electricity bill? For every charge.
Zeno Prieš 4 val
Probably still cheaper than the amount of gas we pay every month
Funner Than Before
Funner Than Before Prieš dieną
American556 Prieš dieną
Tesla has competition.
Tomasz Dzbikowicz
Tomasz Dzbikowicz Prieš dieną
Hard to tell.right now I like f150 coz I had before so I know what I can expect.on other hand if will see new cybertruck so mby but mby will make me think to try to make decision one more time.but right now for sure f150 it's the winner coz its I think over 40 years straight the best selling truck and I doubt it's lots of people who at least once didn't get drive in one of this pretty good be honest I did have few of them but right now coz covid so I switch to cheaper version of Ford van...but still I'm fan of Ford no matter what and belive me I did own dodge long time ago and other brand as well.....
seeni gzty
seeni gzty Prieš dieną
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George Gee
George Gee Prieš dieną
Dope truck
I Am
I Am Prieš dieną
Did your iron call out sick this morning?
Louis B
Louis B Prieš dieną
It’s still a Ford F-150 💩
Carlosinfinite Prieš dieną
The front trunk is bigger than my cars back trunk.
Hunna Capata
Hunna Capata Prieš dieną
I wonder what a head on collision in these compares to a normal pick up
WberesheimPW b
WberesheimPW b Prieš dieną
j.o Prieš dieną
Will this bring truck/conservative guys into EV or just make EV people like trucks?
Niko Tumi
Niko Tumi Prieš dieną
No mention of charging rates... But it does look pretty good.
Ken W
Ken W Prieš dieną
Just another urban truck for those who want to drive a truck but not need a truck. Definitely not a work truck. Come on, 300 mi range before you hook up a trailer and then only 10,000 lb. capacity. It may look like a truck but it is not a real truck. Ford - you failed us. And all these people who like to quote - hey you can get this for $40,000! No you can't. That price for that striped down model is only for fleet buyers.
Christian Lee
Christian Lee Prieš dieną
More than 1 in 5 ev owners go back to a gas vehicle. Live with the ev daily for at least a month. Infrastructure isn't there and they are full of extremely toxic, un-recycleable materials that are difficult to dispose of safely. Also, 5x-10x more carbon is emitted to produce an ev vs a gas vehicle. NOT environmentally friendly.
Jose Rodríguez
Jose Rodríguez Prieš dieną
No sale aún y y la tienen jajaja eso sí es poderrrr
Derek Trudelle
Derek Trudelle Prieš dieną
To all you wrinkled shirt knuckleheads: take a closer look. It’s a design pattern.
Anthony Fanella
Anthony Fanella Prieš dieną
My OCD kicked in and I can't ignore that wrinkled shirt xD
Robert Trudell
Robert Trudell Prieš dieną
I heard the Lightning's first year's production is limited to 20,000 vehicles.
Tory Bay
Tory Bay Prieš dieną
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middlehot Prieš dieną
Can we flat tow behind a motorhome?
Yami Omo
Yami Omo Prieš dieną
I have pre ordered a Tri-motor truck. Giggles, At least its better then a 90,000 dollar trim.
Yami Omo
Yami Omo Prieš dieną
@Leonardo Bacigalupe Lmao, willing to bet your house on that? It will either be better then what he promised or exactly what he promised.
Leonardo Bacigalupe
Leonardo Bacigalupe Prieš dieną
It'll either never come out or be totally different from what Mleon promised
Rawd Ortiz
Rawd Ortiz Prieš dieną
Top speed 99mph
Mac B
Mac B Prieš dieną
Next review: Iron and ironing boards.
Ryan Coloma
Ryan Coloma Prieš dieną
oleg popa
oleg popa Prieš dieną
👍 for nice and accurate explanation for this truck, your voice it’s clear and understandable
Nicolas Iannone
Nicolas Iannone Prieš dieną
The bidirectional power is very impressive.
Valentin Rivas
Valentin Rivas Prieš dieną
Ford is gay
Raeshon Graham
Raeshon Graham Prieš dieną
As a Tesla owner I plan on getting the F150. It’s a truck the cyber truck isn’t practical or functional
Roland 33
Roland 33 Prieš dieną
That frunk will be great to carry 50BMG sniper rifles, shoot it from the bed then play some nintendo drink some brews with your nAgGas
Rishabh Adhikari
Rishabh Adhikari Prieš dieną
3:42 looks more like a cockpit
Will Ford
Will Ford Prieš dieną
John Walker
John Walker Prieš dieną
What's Ford's solution for charging network, though? Isn't that Tesla's biggest advantage at this point?
Robert Kyhn
Robert Kyhn Prieš 16 val
Tesla's Super Charger Stations are the most compelling reason to buy Tesla now. In a few years, it won't matter ...
Ram Ecodiesel
Ram Ecodiesel Prieš dieną
Teslas charging network is lacking to this day, TFL did a test of a Tesla they bought and they ran out of battery power before they could get to the next charing station. Even if they could have made it to the charging station they would have had to sit for up at least one hour and up to 3 hours and that is if there was a charging station available to start charging right away. Sorry but I don't see where electric vehicles are an answer, what happens when in the middle of the night there is a power outage or a breaker is triggered and the next morning you find out your battery has very little charge in it? Electric vehicles have been around singe the beginning of the automobile and they still can't compete with the internal combustion engine.
Peria Samy
Peria Samy Prieš dieną
That crushy tee reminds me that you now are more than what you think about yourself !!🔥🔥
Im Just a random guy
Im Just a random guy Prieš dieną
I would have both the Ford and cybertruck both are bangers
Im Just a random guy
Im Just a random guy Prieš dieną
Ford should just say how much range it actually is It would get much more people to buy it
Ted Ryan
Ted Ryan Prieš dieną
But they did… they gave a rating and under what circumstances that rating applies.
Capt. Boedeker
Capt. Boedeker Prieš dieną
It’s a Ford 😂 FOREVER ON ROAD DEAD ☠️ That will forever be associated with that brand no mater how you slice it. It’s nice to see more EVs on the market but that range is too low and everything looks like cheep plastic.
TheKinghHD Prieš dieną
Does it support tesla chargers
Ben Spurgeon
Ben Spurgeon Prieš dieną
I’ve never been interested in a F-150 until now. I am just wondering if this is sustainable for Ford. They are already heavily in debt. Are they going to be able to sell this EV version at a profit? Did you get any margin numbers from Ford. If they are selling this at a loss or break even they will be bankrupt within the decade, in my opinion. I
Aaron Lorick
Aaron Lorick Prieš dieną
Marques needs an iron
TheRubiksPilot Prieš dieną
Why am I getting excited about this even though I will never be able to afford it in my entire lifetime
NLE NutriBullet
NLE NutriBullet Prieš 15 val
Work hard
Brandon Paxton
Brandon Paxton Prieš dieną
Excellent review! There too ,ugh hype about it. The range is terrible!!! My F-250 will pull my boat 500 miles at the least this truck wont pull my boat more than 150 miles. I can’t take the boat out of town? 230 to 300 miles on an empty truck? That’s tragic! The brag that it hauls 10,000lbs but it can only do so for less than 100 miles. I doubt it runs all things in your homes as a generator. Why would you drain your truck in an outage to run your house? Then you have dead truck. The more I think ab out it electric vehicles are lame and electric trucks are even lamer. 6.7 Powerstroke all day long!!
Galiv Prieš dieną
Great review very informative. More inclined towards this F150 lightening. Tesla tends to be way over priced for what it delivers.
caramelzappa Prieš dieną
Glad to see more mainstream carmakers taking electric seriously. I love what they're doing here but what I really want is a van with a similar powertrain.
Justin Maracigan
Justin Maracigan Prieš dieną
How fuckin stupid you have to spend an extra 10-20 to drive an extra 100 miles 😂😂 gasoline let’s you drive as much as ya want. 😉
EK Kiteboarder
EK Kiteboarder Prieš dieną
If amc goes to the moon I'm buying this
ceerw buty
ceerw buty Prieš dieną
used in the last few years (I deal with fleet, so a number of them). But I’m happy they’re setting a high bar for everyone in this category.
Happe CJ
Happe CJ Prieš dieną
The creation of electric trucks may make pickup trucks a little bit more popular in europe
iU tub bideus
iU tub bideus Prieš dieną
Ford: “we present you the lightning” me: “shut up and take my money”
Nick Prieš dieną
I'll wait for the second gen. Or the chevy version
ceerw buty
ceerw buty Prieš dieną
TBullets Prieš dieną
Bruh I knew it wasn't going to be long before you start sponsoring car companies with little to no tech value
Matthew Mota
Matthew Mota Prieš dieną
Party in the front business in the back lmao
Matthew Mota
Matthew Mota Prieš dieną
The F150 for sure I have mine reserved. Can’t wait
B Still
B Still Prieš dieną
I reserved both. I have a tesla already so I have to give the cybertruck a chance, but I like the lighting
John Sutter
John Sutter Prieš dieną
AB davilers
AB davilers Prieš dieną
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Vongola Ottavo
Vongola Ottavo Prieš dieną
Damn if this thing comes to our country I'll buy it immediately
Nokenify Prieš dieną
I don't like trucks but I really liked this one! Kinda the only Ford I like too.
bcvbb hyui
bcvbb hyui Prieš dieną
Holy shit. Can't wait to see how the competition responds to this from Ford
Pineapplegee Prieš 2 dienas
Has no spare tire ?
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